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The best behavioral marketing projects

by Arsen Dallan
behavior marketer # 1 in Russia

The best Arsen Dallan's project - insurance company "MSK"
MSK is the most interesting project, because it is the hugest company which i changed with annual income $700 000 000,
5000 employees, 3000 partners in 89 regions, 100 merchants
I shortly talk abut "MSK" project, 0.43 sec
Watch video with re-positioning case and main projects in MSK
Case of re-positioning company, 3.41 min
The main projects in MSK: retail standarts, customer service, branding, ads materails and more, 2.28 min
in two words
The company with trash image turned to company which people praise in Internet more than others in Russian market. Without ads support. During 1,5 year.
But how it possible?
This way:
Сhange main brand value
Before was price and now it became сustomer service
Change business processes
According brand value was changing each proccess and product in company
Change communications
Internal and marketing communicatioans provide main brand value
Look portfolio of most interesting projects:
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