Intensive Online Course: 8 days, 8 classes, 22 assignments

Behavioral Marketologist

A course for сх-experts,
marketologists and product owners.
Raise the conversion up to +30% due to behavioral scenarios
Remember as consumers would go insane?
In regular life there's also a sort of consumer insanity, but at a lower ratio. This is called "irrationality".
Uncertainty, fear, alarm - these are best sellers.
They are followed by: joy, self-realization, hurry and many more human factors not utilized in business so frequently. This is the reason why companies lose their money.
How it Works
Just an example
This is the way it was done in an insurance company.
We supplemented the customer segmentation completed with the behavioral factor - the motivation for making a purchase itself.
Eventually a brand new whole segment followed by showing up: "the people who buy Car Full Insurance policies to decrease stress behind the wheel". They are ready to pay 30% higher for no-stress service. 40 projects were developed to attract that segment. During 1,5 years its share in the whole case got increased from 10 up to 60%. Which brought 4.2 billion rubles additionally.
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Knowing the principles of Human behavior for working on customer emotions at the irrational level.

Online Intensive Course: 8 days, 8 lessons, 22 assignments

For сх-experts, marketologists, service designers, product owners.

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  • All marketers understand that you need to focus on the reward a product gives, rather than focus on the function of the product. But what they don't know is that it is the pleasure coming from an intrinsic reward that drives our behavior.
    Arsen Dallan knows and uses it.
    Martin de Munnik
    Founder at Neurensics,
    CEO The Neuromarketing Science & Business Association

  • Arsen Dallan has a fascinating and thought provoking look at the concept of pleasure from both a human and business point of view.
    Roger Dooley
    One of the most worldwide wanted consultants on communications, the auther of the best popularity resource on neural marketing at and the Brainy Marketing collumnist at Forbes.
  • I know Arsen Dallan as very professional explorer an often ignored, yet exceedingly important, topic: the human drive to experience pleasure and the consequences of the resulting behaviour
    Dr. Peter Steidl
    Academician, researcher, teacher, author and speaker.
    Consultant, his clients are Coca-Cola as well as City group, BMW and 38 multinational brands more.

Study the Principles of Behavioral Psychology Proven by Practice
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About the Intensive Course
The Author's story about the course
In brief on what kind of business tasks get resolved by the knowledge you're supposed to acquire while taking the course. Best ways of their use in a company.

Is it sure to be my best choice?
For Everyone Working On Customers
- For the ones looking on growth points in micro-moments of customer experience.
- For companies with a high level of marketing culture.
- For businesses who have accepted a growth strategy by means of their own customer base
- For the ones who feel it much too much more expensive to attract newer customers

- For the ones who have constructed their CJM, knowing interaction points of communication with customers
- For the ones who know how much money they get paid by one customer and the ones willing to increase that index
- For the ones taking into account that sales keep on taking place throughout the whole customer's lifetime
- For small, medium and expanded businesses with their growth plans approved at least for 3 years ahead.

- Ain't for ones who live by one day.
- Not for startups
Project design managers
СХ Experts
Product Owners
Service Designers
Sales Dept. Supervisors
For instance, the Course has been Successfully Passed by...
top managers of large companies and even by scientists
Why is it best to be done now?
Because it's exactly now that
CX is the main driver of being
competitive, but it has
to be operated
unlike a product.
And this is the reason why
Customer experience is subjective. It can be defined by
a Human's perception. Whereas, perception can be affected
by lots of trifles that the customer can't realize on their own.
In order to control a customer's perception the classical product
tools are useless. The only stuff to be a help is the knowledge
of behavioral economics - such a certain science of Human behavior.
The behavioral micro moments contain the essense of
the 2% of competition that nowadays identify leaders.
Just 2% of the difference in the genom - does it seem to be too little?
Perhaps, it's been a long time since you visited a zoo last ;)
It's no more funny tricks,
but a Global Trend Now
Just picture the way a business is boosted by certain changes, now that micromoments like that are over 100 in just one customer scenario. But what if they reach 200 or 300 ones?
That's the reason why in the recent 5 years 80% of the companies from Fortune-500 have implemented behavioral expertise added to their management.
Behavioral Experts Increase the CX Revenue at Minimal Expense
BU Experience indicates that behavioral expertise helps one increase the product indexes throughout the whole customer's lifetime
70% CLTV
+55% Resilience to increasing prices
+10% An average bill
+15% Conversion
+ 20% Retention, churn gets decreased
+12% Cross sales
х4 Recomendations, reviews on the net
What exactly am I going to get?
Being skilled to Create Micro Moments
changing the whole sphere of perception and behavior of your customer's
Get an Access to the Unique Library
ХХХ ebooks available
The Certificate
that only few businesses can proudly boast of having in the U.S.A.
The Author and his Recognition
The Course Author
Arsen Dallakyan

BU Founder
Expert No.1 in Europe on getting the behavioral economics applied in both business and state management.

Consultant on marketplace strategy and design in customer experience in companies such as Gazprom Neft, ChelPipe Group, MTS Comminications, Severstal, Alfabank and others.
Author of Human Centricity Business Model

Successful Projects

on applying the behavioral economics in customer experience design for largest companies

Books on Behavior

published in Germany and the U.S.A.

We are just those very guys

who have developed the Human Centriciy business model and the Declaration of Human Centricity

Our Public Reputation

Arsen Dallakyan is statistically the most frequently quoted behavioral expert in Eastern Europe.
Within the years of 2016-2019 there have been over 170 relevant comments and interviews for state channels and other mass media
Major Advantages
of the Intensive Course

It's not the knowledge itself
as much valuable in the intensive
course, as assignments are

It's no retelling after any books,
but an extracted essentials of 6 years

of a unique kind of practice
> 50
projects on customer behavior design in Europe

> 10 billion
rubles is a total economical effect
companies in Eastern Europe
of the GDP of the largest country in Eastern Europe equals BU based income earned
100 million
individuals whose behavior was improved
countries where our projects were successfully implemented in

Reviews by Strict Clients having passed the course ahead of you

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